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About us

“We buy what appeals to us, what makes us feel desire, we make our choice not only by the procedence, the style or the designer of the piece. Sometimes the pieces we choose for Lalithamma Barcelona are made by unknow author, but all of them must have the mixture of uniqueness, quality and beauty. For us it is very difficult to buy objects that don’t produce sensations to us, because of that, we are always searching highly decorative pieces with whimsically beauty”.
Since 1997, in the heart of the Barcelona’s Eixample, our shop is placed in a 1894 full of history building; our showroom is composed by a set of different independent rooms on two floors that let you forget that you are in an antiques shop, and where each room is a discovery.

Lalithamma Barcelona is a gallery and showroom with antiques and objects from the 18th century to the early 1970s.
We are absolutely in love with the power of attraction of the golden colours, because of it we are focused in gilt wood and gilt iron as relevant materials in our showroom. An exquisite and huge selection of mirrors from all the periods, Murano glass pieces and Antique luggage items are our most striking features.

“Sometimes there are extraordinary objects that excite you, that thrill you, that jump starts your heart, that bring you memories from the past and make you feel nostalgia and emotions..”, that is the reason to be antique curators and dealers. We hope to pass our passion along our customers.